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5 players who won big at casinos

Can you win at online casino gambling? It is a risky form of entertainment where the losses are sometimes greater than the winnings. It is important to understand that casinos, whether land-based or virtual, are trying to profit the most and are not interested in paying players a lot of money. However, this industry would not be so popular without the cases of real winnings. In this article we offer you the stories of players who won big at the casino. Convince yourself that it is possible to win a lot of money and have fun at the same time.

Some famous players

Why not learn the stories of people who have beaten the casino and won big money? Here are 5 players known to all real money casino gamblers.

Phil Ivey

He is a player who has participated in many poker tournaments and is one of the most famous baccarat players. His most famous winnings are $12.1 million in Crockfords Casino and $9.6 million in Bogata Casino. Experts claim that he cheated by using the „edge sorting” technique.

Billy Walters

This is the case of the player who achieved the magnificent result through hard work. Billy Walters is a roulette enthusiast who won $3.8 million in the Golden Nugget casino. He collected data on the roulette wheel in this casino and found a defective model. It is thanks to this advantage that he got his millions.

Andy Bloch

This is a real genius. Andy Bloch was a student at the Massachusetts Institute who created a special program to develop a winning strategy for Hickok, a new version of 6-card poker. This strategy allowed him to win over a million dollars.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is known to many casino fans as „the king of blackjack games”. This game has brought him a total of over $15 million, which is a huge amount. What is his secret? The fact is that Don Johnson had the high roller status offering him many bonuses and discounts.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Another lucky one who beat the roulette wheel. Together with his family Gonzalo studied the peculiarities of the roulette games in the local casino. He noticed that on one of the models some numbers appear more often than others. He used this fact and won 1.5 million dollars.

These are 5 of the most famous players who won big at casinos. Take into account that they have worked a lot in order to get the house edge and win their winnings. If you play at the online casino you have a lot of chance to become one of the lucky ones. The games have higher RTPs, there are many bonuses and training mode. So, trust your fortune and skills and win big!